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Facial Smothies - Original
Facial Smothies - Original


Start when you're 30 and you'll never look 40
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Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips iron out all the wrinkle prone areas of your face.

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  • KEY DIFFERENCES make Facial Smoothies the best wrinkle remover strips: MADE in the USA using only clean, safe ingredients you can trust. BEST ADHESIVE (a strong adhesive is what smooths wrinkles – and what makes them the MOST REUSABLE) STRONG STRIPS – enough to KEEP your skin smooth (many cheap products are too thin) yet comfortable. The key is how you apply them – watch the instructional video

  • An Alternative to the Risks of Injectables
  • Injectables are considered extremely safe, and very effective. They stop your muscles from making the facial expressions that cause wrinkles, thus stopping wrinkles. They have proven useful for many other applications, too. Like all medical treatments, however, they come with disadvantages and risks.
  • Administering injectables is as much art as science. Whether your administrator is a doctor, nurse, or cosmetologist, their skill and experience is an important factor. Before choosing an administrator, get references from long-time users.
  • The severity of potential problems varies widely, but the most common problem is too much of the paralyzing agent. This can give your face an unnatural appearance due to being unbalanced, a perpetually surprised look, or having mobility excessively restricted. More severe problems are allergic reactions such as swelling, and what is called a “shelf”, where skin collects in one area, or with puffy eyelids that make you look bloated and tired.
  • Most of these issues can be avoided if your administrator is highly skilled. But, even with an experienced professional, allergic, and other types of reactions, can occur. Reactions can vary from injection to injection. Most effects wear off in 4-6 months, because the paralyzing agent wears off in that time. Only in extremely rare cases are problems permanent or life threatening.
  • If for any reason, you are not comfortable using injectables, Smoothies® offers an alternative.

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