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Frownies in Magazines

Oprah, Good Housekeeping, Prevention and many other publications have endorsed Frownies

Good Housekeeping Magazine named Frownies “The Easiest Wrinkle Reducer” and Renee Russo said she uses Frownies to keep her forehead lines under control. Over the years Frownies wrinkle reducing patches have been written about in numerous women’s magazines. Oprah, The Magazine had articles about Frownies in 2002, 2007, 2008 and Life Magazine in 1937 did a piece on what the young stars go thru to be beautiful. The list below is just a few of the many magazines Frownies have been mentioned in; from travel, fashion, beauty, health in Town & Country magazine to whole health, fighting stress and being green in Body & Soul , editors and authors love Frownies natural wrinkle reducing patches. As a Botox™ alternative Frownies are a less invasive wrinkle treatment that works.
O The Magazine; Oprah’s magazine considered the personal growth guide shows up with yet another
comment on the effective and simple system of eliminating wrinkles with Frownies by Dr. Hursch
a dermatologist in Boston; "There are a few non invasive steps you can take to reduce frown lines, I know
a woman who swears by Frownies." October 2008

Skin Inc. for estheticians, salon and spa professionals, said Frownies wrinkle treatment product line is a effective complete skin care system. Jan/Feb 2006

O The Magazine; In Oprah’s magazine considered the personal growth guide to living your best life was published, Uncrumpling My Face a three page article on removing the frown lines the author states “It’s not aging itself that bothers me because the crows feet I love. I love the smile lines…But those frown lines... with Frownies... I am taping myself smoother and happier. May 2007

GenLux, Celebrity fashion magazine for the stylish and trendy looking for tips reported; "Our very own beauty editor swears by them and even went as far as to say that she saw a difference after one week's use." Spring/Summer 2005

SHAPE Magazine, designed for women to get their life in shape, with diet, fitness beauty tips and more called Frownies "Stick-on a temporary immobilizer that Relax expression lines, Frownies, facial pads that help re-educate your muscles." December 2005

Spa Canada magazine offers a guide to relaxation and destination spas in Canada said about Frownies: Looking for a Non-Invasive Route to Plastic Surgery? Frownies Facial Pads have been in the medicine chests of some of Hollywood's most beautiful women for years. Renee Russo credits her smooth forehead and flawless skin to Frownies.

Sunday World News Britten’s most read news called Frownies Wrinkle treatment an "overnight solution" to wrinkles. Jan 2008

US Weekly a celebrity gossip magazine, founded in 1977 by The New York Times said about Frownies wrinkle patches; “Think of Frownies as old school Botox™. Worn overnight, the self adhesive pads retrain facial muscles, giving skin a tauter look after 30 days/ Stars swear by them. July 2002

Good Housekeeping, the most trusted source for advice about food, diet/nutrition, women's health and your home, awarded Frownies wrinkle reducer patches the easiest wrinkle reducer award. "Easiest Wrinkle Reducer - Yes, the sun causes wrinkles, but squinting, laughing and brow furrowing are also to blame. So you can either stop smiling ? not a fun option ? or try Frownies. These stick-ons help pull skin taut so that your wrinkles will look a little smoother over time. Put them on before you go to bed (or, as some fans do, a few hours before a special event), and you'll emerge with fewer lines on your face." May 2005

Today's Black Woman, a popular magazine about relationship, beauty, and fashion for black women said Immune Perféct wrinkle cream with biologically active antioxidants is especially beneficial for women of color who have hyper-pigmentation. Immune Perféct is completely natural and toned to blend well with skin, also gives an assist against ashiness. Immune Perféct boast a new delivery system that hydrates and strengthens skin internally and externally. June/July 2006

Simply the Best, an award-winning, controlled circulation publication that reaches South Florida's most affluent residents tell its readers to consider Frownies to reduce wrinkles.
"Funny name, Frownies. So call it Hollywood's Best Kept Beauty Secret since 1899, instead. Everyone from Gloria Swanson (she wore them in Sunset Boulevard) to Rene Russo (for the creases in her forehead) has tried it. They all say 30 nights sleeping with these little anti-wrinkle patches on is all you need to retrain your facial muscles and get a more youthful tone." May 2002

Town and Country, magazines know for its travel, fashion, beauty and health information is quoted as saying, "Frownies, you've surely heard of these strips of brown paper with dry adhesive on one side. At bedtime, you dampen the adhesive side and place it on your wrinkle. Rene Russo's a longtime user and swears they've taken ten years off her face. Good enough for me. I tried them, and after one night, I saw a distinct difference. The stiff little triangles aren't exactly comfortable, but I got used to them. For best results, use Frownies daily for a month, then three times a week for maintenance." June 2002

O Magazine; An article in Oprah’s magazine, considered the personal growth guide to living your best life, when referring to the hard to eliminate naturally expression lines said; "Consider Frownies, they make a difference," according to Debra Jaliman, MD, instructor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. December 2002

Prevention; a popular magazine reporting smart ways to live well with information and tips from experts on weight loss, fitness, health, nutrition, recipes, anti-aging & diets called Frownies,
"Skin Savers...If Botox isn't for you, you can sleep with...a product such as Frownies on your brow. Frownies...literally hold your skin in place so it won't contract when you frown...[Frownies] are easy to apply and may soften your lines over time by training you not to frown." November 2004

Body and Soul a source on fitness, wellness, and being green, said about Frownies: Take Frownies - little anti-wrinkle adhesive patches invented more than a century ago. These days a top seller at drugstores and boutique shops nationwide (one Manhattan apothecary keeps them behind the counter for customers who know to ask). Frownies adhere to the skin where unwanted wrinkles appear. Worn overnight, they prevent the skin from creasing and attempt to 'retrain' the muscles underneath to prevent further wrinkling. Two sizes are available, one for the forehead and between the eyes, and another for the corners of the eyes and mouth...Frownies also sells a 'rose-water hydrator' that can be used to moisten the patches..." October 2004

Life Magazine 1937 issue Waiting for Wallis shows Dixie Dunbar with Frownies wrinkle remover patch on her forehead in an article about "how young starlets learn to act, and the beauty training they go thru".

Nov. 17 1937 Good Housekeeping the most trusted source for advice about food, diet/nutrition, women's health and your home, in an article about beauty over 40 quoted Renee Russo as saying; "So I go to the drugstore, and get these things that have been around forever called Frownies. They have adhesive on one side, like glue. You lick that side; separate your creases, put it on the crease, and sleep with it. And the next morning you look better. I swear by them."
Rene Russo; Actress; excerpt from September 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping