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P & D Designs Incorporated is a company that specializes in ladies high fashion roller handbags. Our unique and functional handbags are great for that professional businesswoman, busy mom, new college girl and elderly grandmother. The retractable handle and in-line wheels allows easy rolling capability and storage when not in use. These roller handbags are practical, highly functional and affordable with a luxurious look.

No longer will there be a need for wasteful plastic bags, boring briefcases, heavy knapsacks or big heavy shoulder purses. These lightweight, attractive roller handbags are great for those airplane trips, car outings, train excursions, and even sea voyages. It easily carries clothes, toiletries; make up bags, wallets, keys, heavy textbooks, laptops, baby bottles, diapers, groceries and other purchased goods without the cumbersome of an additional shoulder handbag.

The collection’s outer body is made from PU and man made materials, while the lining is 100% cotton. They are designed with versatility to complement any attire or occasion with a variety of colors and styles. These eye-catching roller handbags are fun and fresh, perfect for the casual, sporty and professional women.
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Scarlett Scarf Multi Purpose - Purse Hook Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1139
Scarlett Scarf
Our Price:$11.95
Sale Price:$6.95
You save $5.00!
Multi Purpose - Purse Hook
Our Price:$19.95
Sale Price:$9.95
You save $10.00!
SN1139 - Swarovski Cosmic Pendant Earrings
Our Price:$57.00
Sale Price:$42.75
You save $14.25!
By tying a scarf on the outside of a handbag, you add a little flair to your everyday look.  The FUMI Scarlett takes this concept one step further by making the fashion scarves functional.  The Scarlett is a eye/sunglass cleaner and a cell phone buffer that stores conveniently on the outside of your handbag. Instead of cleaning your sunglasses on your shirt, pants, or whatever is around you can now reach for your handy Scarlett. The Scarlett is made of high quality micro fiber poly-lycra which means you won’t scratch those precious Pradas using it! The Scarlett comes in a variety of different styles allowing you to switch up the “look” of your handbag instantly!

Some of the many practical uses for the Scarlett are:

•  Eye/Sunglass Cleaner
•  Cell Phone Buffer
•  Luggage Identifier
•  Camera Lens Cleaner
•  Handbag Accessory
The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is the Patented designer way to store your purse while in public. However, FUMI is not only a PurseHook! It also functions as a Bangle Bracelet, a Purse Accessory, and stays on the outside of your handbag, all for easy use.

With eco-friendly packaging, the FUMI is made of recycled materials and has a 100% recycled rubber pad to grip any surface. The FUMI holds up to 25lbs and has a bypass that ensures it will stay on your handbag straps.

Patent # US D588,444 S, other patents pending.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 3" x 2.25"

Weight Holds: 25 lbs.

Materials: Recycled Alloy Metal and Rubber
Perfect For: Public Restrooms, Restaurants, Shopping Carts, Theaters, Concerts, Baby Bags, Casinos, Sporting Events, and much more!
14 mm NEW Swarovski cosmic pendant. All sterling silver. Available in crystal cal (shown), lt. colorado topaz, jet, bermuda blue and shadow crystal.
Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1112 Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1136 Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1136
SN1112 - Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Swarovski Crystal Embedded Pendant
Our Price:$59.00
Sale Price:$44.25
You save $14.75!
SN1137 - Swarovski Filled Square w/ Cubic Zirconia Baguette Earrings
Our Price:$66.00
Sale Price:$49.50
You save $16.50!
16 inch sterling silver chain that extends to 18, with Swarovski crystals embedded in a 21 mm pendant. 16 Inches extends to 18 sterling silver chain, Swarovski pave filled square with 16 mm cubic zirconia baguette. Available in clear (shown), clear ab, lt. blue, lt. rose, yellow and peridot. Swarovski pave filled squares with 16 mm cubic zirconia baguettes, all sterling silver. Available in clear (shown), clear ab, lt. blue, lt. rose, yellow and peridot.
Tangerine Paris Front View SN1105
Our Price:$110.00
Sale Price:$55.00
You save $55.00!
Our Price:$110.00
Sale Price:$55.00
You save $55.00!
SN1105 - Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Opal Crystal Heart Pendant
Our Price:$75.00
Sale Price:$56.25
You save $18.75!
This ginger crocco embossed rolling tote features two front pockets with chic detailing This glistening designer bag on wheels comes in a crocco embossed taupe with black trimming around the edges and front pockets. This bag transcends all seasons whether you are looking for a classy spring or summer look. Sterling silver extends to 19 inches. 28mm Heart with air blue opal crystals flown in from Swarovski in Austria - Exclusive to KLD. This pendant can be worn with colour on one side ex: Air blue and the other side clear pave Swarovski stones, 2 looks for the price of one. Available in most colours on Swarovski colour chart at the back of the catalogue.
FULL FACE SET - (Brow, Eye & Multi Area Pads) Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1138 Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1160
SN1138 - Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Swarovski Pave Filled Square & Pendant
Our Price:$85.00
Sale Price:$63.75
You save $21.25!
SN1160 - Preciosa Crystal Balls & Hearts Bracelet
Our Price:$88.00
Sale Price:$66.00
You save $22.00!
Set of 4 Reusable Eye Pads, Set of 2 Reusable Multi-Area Pads & 1 Reusable Brow Pad. 16 Inches extends to 18 sterling silver chain, Swarovski pave filled square with 20 mm NEW Swarovski crystal cal cosmic pendant. Available in crystal cal (shown), lt. colorado topaz, jet, bermuda blue and shadow crystal. 7 Inches extend to 8. 12 mm Preciosa crystal balls, 14 mm Semi-precious round crystal quartz. 16 mm crystal hearts and 20 mm rhinestone center heart. Sterling fill chain.
Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1129 Kimberly Lang - SN1131 Kimberly Lang Jewelry - Initials Bracelet
SN1129 - Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Circle Cubic Zirconia
Our Price:$92.00
Sale Price:$69.00
You save $23.00!
SN1131 - Sterling Silver Earrings w/ Circle Cubic Zirconia
Our Price:$92.00
Sale Price:$69.00
You save $23.00!
Kimberly Lang - Initials Bracelet
Our Price:$98.00
Sale Price:$71.75
You save $26.25!
16 inches extends to 19. 12 mm Checker board AAA circle cubic zirconia. All sterling silver. Approx. 3 inches, 12 mm checker board AAA circle cubic zirconia. All sterling silver. This item is double sided, initial on the front and the evil eye on the other. The bracelet fits every size hand and is a very popular style.
Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1167 Kimberly Lang Jewelry - SN1132 Cabana
SN1167 - Diamond Cut Tears w/ Swarovski Pave Oval Necklace
Our Price:$101.00
Sale Price:$75.25
You save $25.75!
Our Price:$110.00
Sale Price:$90.00
You save $20.00!
16 Inches extends to 18 sterling silver chain. 16 mm Diamond cut tears with double sided Swarovski pave oval. Available in clear (shown) yellow, lt. pink, aqua, yellow, lt. sapphire and jet. Long 36 Inch sterling silver ball chain. 28mm crystal accent bead with 28mm Swarovski crystal. Let these eloquent pinstripes be your perfect trendy piece.
Kimberly Lang - SN1119 Taby Collection Set - Top & Bottom
SN1119 - Clear Swarovski Crystal Necklace w/ Tear Pendant
Our Price:$140.00
Sale Price:$105.00
You save $35.00!
Taby Collection Set - Top & Bottom
Our Price:$210.00
Sale Price:$110.00
You save $100.00!
18 Inches, all clear Swarovski crystals. Sterling silver clasp that adjust to different levels. 30 x 22 mm Swarovski tear pendant. Available in clear (shown), jet and lt. colorado topaz. A chic collection that achieves high fashion while accentuating your brilliant sense of taste.