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Awaken your Skin!


Treat yourself to the ultimate facial stimulation experience with this 2-in-1 vibrating facial roller and massager. With a vibration rate of 6000x/minute, this device is designed to help generate cell activity and tighten facial muscles, reduce wrinkles, improve circulation in the skin and stimulate collagen production, resulting in a more contoured effect on the face and eye. Fit the 24k rose gold wand with the larger rose quartz roller to treat face. Choose the smaller under eye press to help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Requires 1 AA battery (NOT Included)

24K Rose Gold 2-in-1 Electric Facial Massager.

SKU: 24K-Rose-Gold
  • 24K Rose Gold 2in1 Electric Facial Massager!

    Massage daily to promote blood circulation for glowing, healthier looking skin, release tension within the facial muscles, cool the skin to reduct puffiness and under-eye-bags, improve skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage. Made with high quality materials, the double-headed rollers make these centuries old beauty tools perfect for all facial structures and skin types.

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