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It’s 2013 as Natalie Franz, a renowned celebrity make-up artist, finally decides to launch a product that was about to spark the magic into the lives of many busy people worldwide. Franz, who worked with talents such as Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Alessandra Ambrosio and the industry’s best photographers (Steven Klein, Ellen von Unwerth and Karl Lagerfeld, to only name a few), coincidentally discovered the stripes while travelling through Japan. Impressed by the instant rejuvenating effect of tiny invisible patches, she decided to launch the stripes, not knowing she is about to start a magical revolution in the world of beauty.

Sometimes easy does it. Simple to use and quick to work, MAGICSTRIPES soon became the most sought-after product on the shelves of those looking for a convenient SPA-on-the-go. Tired, dull skin? In need to de-puff and add some healthy glow? Or even lift and postpone the trips to the surgeon’s practice? MAGICSTRIPES family now includes a selection of luxurious masks with quickly visible results that suit the demands of various skin types and offer solutions to every kind of problem. 

We believe in magic – it’s time you do, too.

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