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True Glue

Strengthen and enhance your lashes with our all-natural True Glue lash adhesive and natural cosmetics.

We’re the first company in the world to create an all-natural lash adhesive. True Glue all-natural lash adhesive is the first of its kind, and it’s completely natural, safe, easy to use, and beneficial for your skin and lashes. We’ve achieved a considerable position in the natural market and are committed to bringing to the market safer options for our customers, so they can enhance their looks without putting dangerous products on their skin.

Female founded and created out of a shared love for natural beauty and animal rights, True Glue is a Canadian based, cruelty free, all-natural lash adhesive company. Founded by entrepreneur Emily Lyons, who strongly believes that what goes on your body, should only be made of the best, cleanest ingredients.


For the longest time, it was hard to find makeup products that were both healthy and natural – and long-lasting. Natural makeup products, it seemed, would simply melt away and come off before the day’s end.

Then True Glue came along. We were determined to create makeup products that were healthy, natural, and gently stuck to the skin all day – like a glamorous, soft glue.

So after a lot of research and testing, we finally hit on the right formulas – and the perfect mix of ingredients. Ingredients that not only send healthy nutrients gushing through your body, but also helps your makeup stay on.We believe that makeup lovers deserve to know what’s in their beauty products. So here you’ll learn exactly what’s inside True Glue’s makeup – and why True Glue’s products give you extra loveliness and good health.

To learn more about our founder Emily, visit

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