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Prepare for your beauty sleep with our BEAUTY REST’ORE hydrating sheet mask that goes to work for silky, smooth and supple skin.



• Restores the skin’s health naturally
• Deeply moisturizes skin
• Relaxes the skin and senses with the power of lavender oil
• Helps to minimize the appearance of skin imperfections


"This is such a wonderful treatment for your face after a long week. Lying on my bed relaxing for 20 minutes while it works its hydrating magic is such a special treat. All skin types should give this a try!" -Cari K.

Beauty Rest'ore Sheet Mask

    ✔ Dry
    ✔ Normal
    ✔ Sensitive
    ✔ Oily / Combination 


    ✔ Dryness
    ✔ Dullness
    ✔ Fine lines & Wrinkles


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