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Facial Smoothies® Triangle Wrinkle Remover Strips “iron out” your wrinkles. Great for between the brows (“11s”), crow’s feet and cheek/ mouth area.

  • A simple method to temporarily reduce wrinkles safely and without injections
  • Smooth fine lines in as little as 30 minutes (longer for deep lines). Maintain results with regular use.
  • Transparent – virtually invisible – reusable 2-3 times – self-sticking – peel off easily – hypo-allergenic
  • 90 triangular anti-wrinkle patches
  • Antiwrinkle tool that reshapes outer layers of skin, and helps skin regenerate smoothly.
  • Helps prevent new wrinkles from taking hold.
  • Exfoliates, too, for baby smooth skin.
  • Best adhesive and lowest cost per strip of all anti-wrinkle patches!
  • 1 BOX TRIANGLE Smoothies 

Facial Smothies Triangle - Wrinkle Removal Strips (90 Strips)

SKU: Smoothies-Triangle
    • Begin with clean, dry skin. Select line(s) to treat and peel appropriate Smoothie Strip from its backing.
    • With thumb and forefinger or other hand, gently ease apart skin on both sides of line(s) to flatten crease(s). For deep lines, press gently against them to help flatten.
    • Press strip to flattened line(s). For large strips, apply middle section of strip first.
    • To avoid strip edges pressing into skin, don't overstretch skin. run tip of finger 1/16" under entire outside edge to detach just the very edge of Smoothie from skin.
    • Wear Facial Smoothies for 30 minutes to 12 hours. Peel each off gently by slowly pulling back against itself. If any outline shows, reapply strip on outline for 10 minutes.
  • Smoothies are sensitivity tested, hypoallergenic, and designed specifically for the face. Approved for use in hospitals world-wide. No retinol, latex, BPA, phthalates, gluten or animal derived content.

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