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The Best Solution for Lip Lines
Smoking, Drinking through a straw and general facial expressions can lead to horizontal and vertical lines around the lips. Gentle Lifts fit comfortably around the lip area or the corners of the mouth to smooth out lines. The stiff mini patch with soft edges fits comfortably to reduce the appearance of lip lines. The same technology used by the original Frownies Facial Patches is used with Gentle Lifts, the material of the patches is just different.

Frownies Facial Patches is used with Gentle Lifts, the material of the patches is just different.

Wear for at least 3 hours, but recommended overnight.

Gentle Lifts may be used on any area of the face to lift creases.

60 PATCHES PER BOX (may be reused if still sticky!)

Gentle Lifts for Fine Lines around the Lips

SKU: Gentle Lifts
  • Gentle Lifts are a self-adhesive patch made of a band-aid type fabric with a soft cotton edge. They come 60 in a box and are reusable. The longer you use the patch the more lasting results you see. No latex and hypo allergenic this new patch is exactly what you have been looking for.


    :: PEEL the paper back from the patch.


    :: SMOOTH OUT and separate the lines with your fingers.


    :: APPLY the patch over the smoothed lines.


    :: REMOVE patch by slightly wetting to releases adhesive.


    :: TREAT area with Immune Shield after removing the patch.


    :: STICK patch on clean smooth surface and reuse as often as the adhesive will allow.

  • Gentle Lifts are like a soft cotton lined band-aid.

    No Latex or silicone is contained in the patch. They have a soft edge and stiff center to give a gentle lift on the face with no marks left by the edges once removed. Works well in small or tight areas like between the nose and mouth.

    There is not an active ingredient on the Gentle Lifts; they work on the same mechanical process as the paper Facial Patches.

    Gentle Lifts work great on the marionette lines as well as between the eyes also.

    Gentle Lifts allow the skin to breath because of the cotton lining and soft edges. Just like the paper patch protecting the health of the skin. 

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