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Products that work

Immediate lifting and opening of the eye area without surgery or injections.
Sheet masks provide hydration, detoxification and contouring after just one use

Products that are safe.

Dermatologically tested for safety, comfort and daily wear (12+ hours). Magicstripes are made out of 100% silicone using the safest adhesives on the market.

Products that excite!

Natalie is a top editorial/commercial makeup artist working with celebrities, models and fashion brands so her creative work is her daily testing ground. Loved by beauty editors, pros and consumers for their effectiveness and sophisticated point of view – we can’t wait for her next “on-set approved” innovation.

"Every brand has its secrets. I always tried to create something I would love to have and to use. It’s a very individual brand with a very personal approach from my experience as a makeup artist."

Natalie Franz, CEO


Discover the transformative effect of our Size Medium (M) Lid Lifting Stripes, designed for strong eyelid lifting or larger eyes, offering an immediate non-surgical solution for droopy eyelids. A favorite amongst stars and VIPs worldwide, these stripes were brought to the European market by renowned makeup artist Natalie Franz.

Crafted from skin-friendly silicone, these eyelid correction patches instantly bestow a fresh, radiant look and youthful appearance, making them a versatile choice for men and women of all ages. With their transparency, these eyelid lifting stripes blend seamlessly with your skin, providing a comfortable wear throughout the day.

The easy and quick application ensures an immediate and lasting lift, allowing you to apply your makeup as usual. Embrace the confidence that comes with this dermatologically "Excellent" rated product


  • Transparent and comfortable to wear
  • Easy and fast application
  • Immediate and long-lasting effect
  • Apply makeup as usual
  • Dermatologically tested as "Excellent"




  • The skin-friendly silicone eyelid correction patch create that fresh, radiant look and overall younger appearance within seconds. This little secret of many stars, introduced by Makeup Artist Natalie Franz to european customers is suitable not only for woman but also men of all ages.


    • Transparent & comfortable
    • Easy & fast application
    • Immediate & long lasting effect
    • Apply makeup as usual
    • Dermatologically tested as "Excellent"

    Achieve a visible eyelift with the MAGICSTRIPES; a pack of skin-friendly, silicone strips that stick to eyelids and offer a younger looking appearance. Creating instant, pain-free results, the transparent patches deliver a refreshed, radiant look without the need for surgery.

    The correction patches create a youthful appearance by lifting the lid and creating fresh-faced results. Makeup can be applied as usual over the strip, for lifted eyes during every occasion. The strips are incredibly discreet so can be your secret weapon.

    Dermatologically Tested. Cruelty Free.

  • INCI PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) film;hot-melt adhesive; PE(Poly Ethylene) film

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