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Our Nourishing Milky Essence is going to be your skin's new BFF! It's smooth and silky milk texture deeply nourishes the face, leaving your skin feeling softened and plumped.


The calming lavender scent will transport you to the spa, while the milk protein works it's magic to transform your skin.



• Nourishes and hydrates and the skin using Lavender Oil and Milk Protein

• Softens and plumps the skin with it's smooth and non-greasy texture 

• Ideal for those with normal, dry and sensitive skin


Bottle contains 1.01fl / 30 ml 

Nourishing Milky Essence


    ✔ Dry

    ✔ Normal

    ✔ Sensitive



    ✔ Roughness

    ✔ Dryness

    ✔ Dullness

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