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This versatile massager can be used on your scalp, neck, back, and any other area of your body that needs relief. .


The silicone material is gentle on your skin and helps to stimulate blood flow for a relaxing experience.


The compact size makes it easy to take with you on the go, so you can enjoy a massage anytime, anywhere.


Whether you're looking It works great for both dry and wet hair.


Use it as scalp scrubber - shower head scrubber! It is gentle and perfect for deep-scalp treatment as you wash. 


This Soothing hair massager scalp brush can penetrate your hair to help ease itchy scalp.


It works great on various hairstyles from thin straight to thick curly wavy. Perfect gift idea for mother's day gift, birthday gift for wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son, co-worker, etc


Size: L: 3.5 in W: 2 in H: 1.75 in Colours may vary due to light.

Oval Handheld Silicone Head Massager

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