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Skin Toner/Plumper


Each batch of Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray is handmade with fresh Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and shipped directly to our location from Bulgaria! It's an incredibly versatile product that hydrates and smooths the skin. 

On its own, the Rose Water Hydrator Spray can act as toner in your skincare routine to gently refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It can also be paired with Frownies Facial Patches to activate the adhesive or with Frownies Under Eye Gels to rehydrate the gels for multiple uses.

Other uses include: a hydrator to protect your skin from dry air (especially when flying) or from hot climates, a setting spray over your finished makeup, or as an aromatherapy tool to promote relaxation.

Rosewater Hydrating Spray

  • Frownies Facial Patches (FBE) & (CEM): Rose Water Hydrator Spray is used to add a treatment to the skin and activate the adhesive of the Facial Patches.

    Eye Gel: Rose Water Spray is used to keep Eye Gels moist and active for storage and repeat use.

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