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By tying a scarf on the outside of a handbag, you add a little flair to your everyday look. The FUMI Scarlett takes this concept one step further by making the fashion scarves functional.


The Scarlett is a eye/sunglass cleaner and a cell phone buffer that stores conveniently on the outside of your handbag. Instead of cleaning your sunglasses on your shirt, pants, or whatever is around you can now reach for your handy Scarlett.


The Scarlett is made of high quality micro fiber poly-lycra which means you won’t scratch those precious Pradas using it! The Scarlett comes in a variety of different styles allowing you to switch up the “look” of your handbag instantly!


Some of the many practical uses for the Scarlett are:• Eye/Sunglass Cleaner• Cell Phone Buffer• Luggage Identifier• Camera Lens Cleaner• Handbag Accessory

Scarlett Scarf

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