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True Glue’s Blue Lash Glue. Why is this new lash glue so special? When it initially comes out of the bottle – and is dolloped on your fake lashes – this glue has an intense, rich blue hue. But then, as it begins to dry, it starts becoming more and more clear. So, instead of having to wonder if the lash glue is dry enough for applying your falsies, you’ll know precisely when it’s no longer a sticky, runny mess: as soon as the blue colour fades and the glue is transparent. That’ll make your falsie-application process just a little easier!Also, this lash glue is vegan-only and contains a mix of delightful, nourishing botanicals – like chamomile essential oil, which helps calm your skin down with its anti-inflammatory properties!

True Glue Vegan Lash Adhesive in Blue

SKU: Lash-Adhesive-Blue
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